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Thames 1868 - San Justo
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Telephone: (5411) 4461-4938
Fax: (5411) 4461-4946
       Why with AGROCOM
  More than 60 years experience in marketing products for third parties.
  A national network of distribution that reaches every corner of Argentina.
  Among the top ten suppliers of mass consumption goods in Argentina
  The leading companies in each sector entrust their products to us.
  We are among the 100 companies with the highest sales revenue in Argentina
  We have our own 53,000m2 of warehouses.
  We have the latest technology and highly qualified personnel for each service that is offered to the customer.
  AGROCOM knows Argentina’s distribution channels
  We are founding members of an international network of commercial distributors
  Experts in the introduction of new products

Because AGROCOM has a series of competitive advantages that enables it to add value at every stage of the process:

  Synergy and economies of scale
  Cost and information leadership
  Specialized structure
  Management capacity
  Bill collection guarantee
  The largest coverage of sales outlets
  Technological innovation and capacity
  Strong links with the trade
  Well trained and efficient sales teams
  Full knowledge of the business
  Proven results in stock and warehouse management
  Because it is a specialist, it has the necessary resources and structure.

" Our customers get added value, quality, back up, experience, specialized technology, brand synergy, economies of scale, organization, access to customers."

Eduardo Olaguer Feliu,
AGROCOM President